Digital Storytelling; A Reflection

My final project for BCM240 is to create a digital story relating to the material we have studied in Media, Audience and Place. With the objective of getting my audience to think about how media practices and audience experiences are spatial in nature, with research, I had to pick a digital platform to convey my story.

When I first looked at the BCM240 assignment 3, I was overwhelmed and found it difficult to gauge what exactly was being asked of me. I was also unsure of which topic I should pick, and would be interested in enough to sustain over a few weeks. After much deliberation I decided to research piracy in Australia, it is a topic that I am very passionate about because I feel we are deprived of TV shows because of our location.

What I found very interesting whilst researching was that lots of attention has been placed on the fact that Australian consumers are the biggest pirates in the world. There are news articles published daily about how Australian’s are in fact the world’s worst pirates. But no research has been undertaken to discover the reasons why this is so.

It was really intriguing as to why the Government and other stakeholders would rather spend their time and money persecuting pirates and blocking torrent websites rather than delving further into the qualitative side of it, and asking why these people are pirating.

Therefore I found there is a huge need for research to be undertaken in Australia by distributor companies. The stakeholder I proposed my research to is Foxtel – I think it’s imperative that they begin to respond to the wants and needs of the pirating audience instead of fighting against them.

I felt most distanced from my project a few weeks back when I had created a survey via Survey Monkey and found the people I had invited to undertake the survey were slow at replying. After a friendly reminder, I found my results picked up. Analysing the results was very interesting but I felt I expected the answers I got, as I feel the exact same way that majority of the consumers do. The people who filled out my survey also seemed very passionate about the topic which confirms to me how great the need is for change in Australia. I would be very interested to actually pitch the idea for research to Foxtel or alternatively Netflix, and see their reasons for not providing an on-demand service for a reasonable price in Australia.

Throughout my project I found it very helpful to discuss my project in class and hear my classmates ideas and suggestions for my project, as well as hearing their ideas and how they were approaching their own projects. My tutor Susan was also very helpful in offering guidance.

After completing my project I have really gained a lot of knowledge, not only on the topic of pirating, but how the consumers of Australia feel about it. I have also learnt a great deal about digital storytelling – and how it aims to share emotional stories through global platforms to engage with the audience. I chose to present my digital project on the platform Storify after researching a few different platforms, I decided upon Storify as it is really effective in digital storytelling. Not only does it present your writing, you can incorporate other peoples posts/tweets/photos/graphs, or any other information from the internet. By linking them, it not only makes your point more credible, but avoids plagiarism as every source is correctly stated. It definitely helped me to share my story in a more flexible and creative way.

Storify position themselves as “the easiest way to find, collect, and share what people are saying all over the web.” As a popular news and story site, it is a really effective way to stimulate discussion among consumers, and to appeal to an effective stakeholder organisation.

If I was to complete my project again, I would employ better time management skills, allowing enough time to not only revise my ideas, but spend more time looking at feedback and comments from users of Storify. I would also spend the additional time to interact more with other users and people interested in the topic.

My Digital Project can be found here along with a full list of references.


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