Media Spaces and Nomophobia

I’m back again and blogging for BCM240! For anyone new to my blog, my name is Sarah Plowman and I’m in my second year of Communication and Media Studies, doubling majoring in Journalism and Professional Writing and Marketing and Advertising.

In our first lecture for BCM240, we discussed the concept of ‘Media Spaces’ – a concept which meaning has changed substantially over the years. In 2014, technology and media is unlike never before.

While typing this blog post onto my laptop, I’ve got the TV on in front of me (naughty), Facebook open in another tab, and my phone sitting in arms length. It’s such a surprise we ever get anything done!

Whilst searching the web for an appropriate photo, I came across the definition of ‘Nomophobia,’ – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

We find ourselves addicted to, and needing to constantly check all of our social media outlets. It’s not only because we have a fear of missing out, but because it’s through these social media outlets that we stay connected, and are able to receive information (about anything) instantly.

It’s no question that our media audience has changed. Many times I’ve been out with a friend, and tweeted something funny they’ve said, or used it as a point of conversation with someone else. I wonder how many times the ‘visible’, or assumed audience really is the only audience to our conversations.


Photo Credit – Android Headlines



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