Photo Story of Mental Illnesses

For the photo story on mental illness I have represented 4 different people, with different issues. The black and white images represent the darkness of their mental illness; the sadness. I didn’t show their faces in the pictures as mental illness comes with an anonymity surrounding it. Majority of people with a mental illness don’t like to share their troubles, and if are being published in a paper will change their names and have a photo which hides their identity.

ImageThis photo is a sufferer of chronic depression; the aged is a category that is very overlooked when it comes to mental health and depression. With age comes a loss of self as illnesses such as dementia set in. With a loss of self and memory, and the loss of friends, the aged are at a very vulnerable time for illnesses such as depression.

ImageThis man is a sufferer of bipolar; an illness that almost defines who he is and what his personality entails. This illness controls his emotions, reactions, and actions – this all causes a loss of identity.

ImageThis photo represents the darkness that people will mental illness have to face, and how their minds and judgements are clouded by these illnesses.

ImageThis photo represents how when people have mental illnesses, it may seem like they have no future, and are looking out over a life in which they don’t belong.

*These photos include models and the images and captions are to convey people who are suffering from mental illness.


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