A Glass of wine a day; keeping depression away


Original Image – Sarah Plowman photography

A new Spanish study published in BCM Medicine journal has found a correlation between a glass of wine a day and a healthy heart – even suggesting that a glass a day might help avoid depression.

Depression is the most prevalent mental disorder in the world, with an increasing number of diagnoses. While previous studies undertaken have shown consuming a lot of alcohol (exceeding 7 glasses a week), may be a sign of depression or other mental problems, this study has proven alcohol in moderation could benefit mental health.

In the study, participants who drank 2-7 glasses a week were the least likely to suffer from depression (compared to non drinkers)

Lead researcher Dr. Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez commented, “One drink a day, preferentially wine, may help prevent depression, if you are not a drinker, please don’t start drinking, and keep your consumption in the range of one or less drinks a day, and consider drinking wine instead of other alcoholic beverages. ”

However this study may not be conclusive – as it wouldn’t be the consumption of alcohol that would be the sole contributor. Many other factors may be at work in the potential connection between wine and depression. A fulfilling social life is the most important factor we know that protects people from depression, and maybe moderate wine consumption related to increased socialisation. Furthermore in the study, they found those who drank a moderate amount of wine were more likely to be married men who were also physically active.


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