The end is near

Having to blog over the past 10 weeks has definitely been a different experience for me. I have always wanted to start my own fashion and makeup blog, but never had the confidence and kept thinking “why should I bother, who is going to read this?!’

My blogging for BCM112 has definitely made me realise that there would be people out there who would read what I have to say!

I definitely think blogging has improved my writing style and writing on different topics each week has definitely broadened my thinking of convergence, technology and the media.

I think my 3 strongest and most interesting blog posts have been:

Click ‘Like’ to stop the war

I really enjoyed this topic, and found it very interesting to learn about slactivism and clicktivism, and all the ways that technology can make us feel as if we are being social activists when all we are doing is clicking like or watching a video. I had never heard of these specific terms before this subject, and I found it so interesting to be able to write – and think about what the future will be like if all generations under us start depending on solely raising awareness online to fix social problems.

Mine, Yours, Ours?

I found this topic so interesting! I have never thought about the benefits that remixes have on society, and how they encourage the individuals creativity and helps bring awareness to some social problems. I’ve always just listened to them and never thought much more about them.

Please do not feed the trolls!

Online trolling has always been interesting to me – I could never understand what would make a person say such hateful things to someone else. It was definitely an issue close to my heart, I have experienced some hate myself on Formspring and anonymous haters on Tumblr, and although it was a challenging topic to read about, learning about trolling really gave me such a deeper insight into the reasons behind it.


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