Click ‘like’ to stop the war

We’ve all done it. Whether you watched the 30 min video of Kony 2012 on Youtube, shared it and joined a group on Facebook, retweeted to stop Kony or signed an online petition – and felt like you were being a true social activist,

you are guilty of being a slactivist.


As Urban Dictionary defines it, Slactivism is the act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending effort to fix a problem.

With all these different ways to access the internet and ways to feel like we’re contributing to the world while sitting on the couch, who can blame us?!

Participation to ‘stop’ issues like these becomes so easy and free that there is no real action done to find a solution.

As Tory Shepherd comments, “I love Australian democracy and isn’t it wonderful that we have the choice to click on this link to make us feel better.”

The power of social media without a doubt contributed to the awareness of Kony 2012 – but can social issues really be eradicated using people power generated through social networks?

What is the world going to be like when the now Gen Y are running the country? If there is a political problem are we just going to take the risk free action, and like a Facebook page or sign an online petition? Results for these issues will never be successful and have a positive outcome if all awareness and advertising is done online. An online petition has no where near the effect as a protest or rally. If we as a generation are going to have any hope of fixing such social issues then we need to stop clicking, get off the couch, and start participating in real life.


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