Mine, Yours, Ours?

Remix culture is so imperative in today’s society. It encourages individuals to join in the participatory culture, by creating and editing previous messages or mediums to then share with the community. This then contributes to social and cultural change, as challenging the original content inspires and empowers them to go beyond their usual realm of comfort, and to challenge more diverse mediums.

Remixing is the activity of taking samples from pre-existing materials to combine them into new forms – this could be music, films, games, TV series – ultimately anything that is in the form of video or audio can be remixed.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to remix culture, and the change it brings can be phenomenal. Furthermore, anyone and everyone has the ability to create a remix. ‘The increasing availability of symmetrical media technologies… like the Internet afford their participants an equal chance to have their message heard’ (Bruns, 2010). Remix culture supports the individuals creativity and contributes to media (and in turn the world,) moving forward.

However I believe remix culture isn’t always positive.

remixThe role of copyright is one of the main concerns surrounding remixes, as it is illegal to use someone else’s music, unless a license is granted to you.

But even if an artist has a licence to do so, the original artist is hardly ever acknowledged in the title of the song – even if they’re mentioned in the song details – WHO READS THAT!?

One of my pet hates is hearing a song on the radio that has taken components – the tune, bass line, lyrics, whatever it may be – from another song. An example of this is Dead Or Alive’s song ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), and comparably, Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’. The original song was released in 1984, and wouldn’t be known to the young audience in 2009 that Flo Rida’s version was aimed at.

Maybe I’m over thinking it – but if I was the original artist, I certainly wouldn’t be happy that an adaption of my song– 25 years later, has become so popular without everyone knowing that it was originally mine!


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