BCM110, it’s been a good run

Blogging for BCM110 has really given me a chance to discover what my writing style is, and has made me feel more comfortable in writing for an audience. I’m glad to say this happened sooner than later, as it’s a must have for my dream career; it wouldn’t be the best look for a writer of a magazine to feel too awkward about writing something that other people will read. It was definitely nerve racking to start a blog though, and I think the awkwardness of introducing yourself on a new blog is kind of inevitable (for me anyway).

Before BCM110, I never gave much thought to the media and the theories and issues surrounding it, especially media ownership. Before picking up a magazine, tuning into my favourite radio station or flicking through the news channels, I wouldn’t think about who owned that source or why they would portray something in the way they did – I would just see the news on and figure it must be right, because well, it’s the news.

I especially found the discussion about the Media Effects Model very interesting, as I have always been interested in what the medias role really is in regards to the violence in society. Furthermore, learning about the tragic murder of Jamie Bulger which really struck a chord with me, and the medias ‘supposed’ role in the murder (and influence of Child’s Play 3) on the killers.

I also really enjoyed learning about the art of semiotics and signs, and now find myself over analysing regular ads to find hidden meanings!

Reading and commenting on other BCM110 students blogs also really helped me further my understanding on many of the topics, and I found it very interesting getting other perspectives on topics, similarly with the blogs that shared my perspective. This experience has definitely helped me shape my understanding of the media and the issues surrounding it.

Furthermore, I have learnt that the media has many purposes, and thus not to just accept what I read, watch or hear, but to actively criticise it and perhaps find another meaning.

Thanks for reading!


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