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I’ve never thought about why apps, platforms and technologies do the certain things they do. I guess I’ve never thought of these certain technologies as being controlled by someone. Every aspect that is allowed, and not allowed, being ideological choices decided by the makers of these technologies.

In such a time of innovation, should we be questioning the control over technologies? Or should we just accept them in their many forms.

One of the big issues with control is if the technology is a locked appliance or a generative platform; the difference being that the makers of the locked technologies have complete control over the platform, content and user, and on the other hand a generative platform; which allows you the user to have complete control over the software.

I found Evan William’s talk at TED very interesting, as he stresses the importance of generative platforms, commenting that “Users shape the system,” and how their input can greatly improve technological platforms such as Twitter, for e.g. it was users that introduced the hash tagging element into Twitter which is today its most recognisable aspect of twitter. This is further commented on by Henry Jenkins, ‘No one knows everything, everyone knows something, all knowledge resides in humanity.’

locked iphoneFrom personal experience I’ve found that some people want the security and technology of a locked device such as an Iphone, however still want more personalised control over their device – e.g. Jailbreaking.

I myself have no need to Jailbreak my Iphone – I even had to Google Jailbreaking to find out the perks. I had a laugh when my internet on my MacBook couldn’t load the page I was trying to open which entailed the perks of Jailbreaking your Iphone; if the page was blocked that would be quite ironic, and fit into this whole topic of “control” and content regulations and restrictions. Sadly it was just my dodgy internet connection.

–       And for the record, once my page finally loaded, the whole jailbreaking concept didn’t really appeal to me anyway.

(Image – http://cr4.globalspec.com/blogentry/8378/Jailbroken-iPhones-Go-Mainstream)


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