Copyright? Or copywrong?

This week in my BCM112 lecture, my lecturer discussed copyright and what life was like pre-copyright; creators, authors, musicians and the likes not being able to claim ownership, credit or payment for their works. I found this very confusing.. why would you create something that anyone can take and claim credit for? But I guess they wouldn’t have known any better, right?

But then I realised, even now in a world where copyright exists and is utilised frequently, peoples works are still being stolen/pirated etc. I felt bad when I realised I was a part of this! (probably with around like, 90% of my lecture hall), How? The internet! The ease and accessibility of being able to download anything right now, movies, TV shows, music, podcasts… and all for free. You may even be doing it without realising – ever been on Tumblr or another media platform and uploaded a picture (that you maybe got from Google?) that you didn’t take without asserting the original source/creator? Yep that’s classed as copyright too!

This topic also got me thinking about my chosen media platform Instagram, as copyright is a hot topic at the moment within the Instagram community, in regards to them having a worldwide license to use any content you post for advertising purposes AND issues of copyright among the users themselves.

I also found this article VERY interesting, accounting real stories of real companies such as Mango and Spain Vogue stealing others images from Instagram, and using them without giving credit! You can find it here!  What kind of companies think its right to steal others personal property to make a profit! And as Fullana quoted in the article mentioned above, “If they want professional material, let’s start demanding being treated as a professional too”

Thanks for reading!


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