Hi there! My name is Sarah Plowman and I am a first year student studying Communications and Media studies at the University of Wollongong. I went to St Patrick’s College Sutherland and I live in Kareela (yes the Shire, please hold your judgments!) I am hoping that on completion of my course I can start a job in the magazine industry, which has been my dream ever since I started reading Barbie magazine when I was about 6. It is also this passion for magazines (and my inability to part with them), that somehow inevitably made me the avid magazine collector that I am today. God help my family (and house) if I accidentally leave my straightener on one day, because a fire and my room with my colossal magazine collection would not be the best match.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

    • I pretty much love them all haha, I subscribe to Cleo, Cosmo and Shop till you drop, but I also sometimes buy Who, Famous etc, and I really like the arty photography ones like Yen. I’m obsessed :S

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